What is TOEFL?

The TOEFL test measures the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English, but who need to use the English of North America (American English).There are four parts to the test: Listening, Structure, Reading, and Writing. At present, there are tests for you to practice with the type of material you will find in the Reading and Structure parts of the test.
Listening – Measures your ability to understand spoken American English. You hear short dialogues as well as longer monologues and conversations. You hear each piece once.
Structure – Measures whether you can recognize appropriate language for standard written English and reject errors in grammar or use.
Reading – This section has short, multiple-choice questions on texts usually based on US life and culture.
Writing – An essay. You are given a topic, and often some material to include. You are marked

What is the TOEFL CBT?

The Computer Based Test for TOEFL called the CBT , is an adaptive test; meaning that your next question’s difficulty level depends on the correctness of your response to the current question. This helps TOEFL to grade the person’s knowledge on the English language; by assuming him/her to be of an average capability at the beginning of the test, and with the responses received at the every question the program decides to give you a tougher or easier question based on whether your question was answered correctly or not. The CBT follows computer adaptive test strategy for the Listening and Structure section alone. The reading comprehension and Essay writing are not computer adaptive.